3/04/2005 10:44:00 AM|||Andy|||
Instead of being able to sleep an extra two hours this morning as I originally conceived, I got a phone call waking me at 9am. "Andy we need you here" said my advisor. The whole time I'm thinking "if they called me in just to take attendance, I just might kill them." What happened? I go into the office, get the attendance sheet (which I left out the night before for the advisor to bring to class, use, then return on my desk), go to class, pass it out and then am left incredibly pissed off as one advisor says "I'm going to take my cat to the vet" and the other says "I'm going to get coffee before my next class."

Awesome. I'm so glad i was "needed" this morning so I could pass out, then collect, an attendance sheet. I'd almost rather not have free school and get to sleep in.
|||110995135332969761|||Being a TA is Crap4/19/2005 01:14:00 AM|||Blogger funkymunky_83|||That sucks. But then again, if I was getting free tuition I probably wouldn't complain;-)