3/18/2005 01:47:00 PM|||Andy|||
Here's mine:

This morning I got up,
and let out the dog.
He did all his business,
behind an old log.
Then inside came he,
at which point I showered,
I think his pee,
helps our yard to be flowered.

I grabbed my granola,
my wallet and keys,
Franklin lept on the couch,
where he likes to sleep.
I grabbed up my bottle,
that's all filled with water,
And went to my car,
inside of which is hotter.

The sun was a-shining,
the breeze was a-blowin,
(Unlike in PA,where, chances are, it is snowin).
I wasn't too happy,
To work I must go,
To sit on my rear,
file paper, earn dough.

The morning was busy,
people blustering in.
Well, blustering for my work,
is really quite thin.
I helped maybe one,
or perhaps two to four,
of the early old people
who'd walked in the door.

Then all of sudden
the nothing sprang out.
Bored out of my mind,
should I scream? should I pout?
It's Snood I will play!
And posts I will post,
and emails I'll send,
and read how to catch ghosts.

Some schoolwork I did,
but that was quite lame.
Some grading I did,
My students have no brains.
Then my boss, he comes in
and says "get back to work!"
So I flipped him the finger and
said "Stuff it you jerk!"

That didn't really happen,
but I wish it had.
It'd give me a story,
to which you'd say "Bad!"
But not bad as in bad,
more like you liked it so much,
Just like in the 80's,
before Jackson's kid-touch.

But alas I digress,
now back to the story.
Of sitting at work,
in all of its glory.
So I checked 24,
the episode I missed.
Did Jack fire a gun?
Of course, he was pissed!

That was pretty cool,
then who came to the office?
What a surprise,
it was one of my bosses.
He said "you know you get lunch,
Don't just sit here all day!"
So I went to get lunch,
at a place called Sub-way.

I had tuna on wheat,
with BBQ chips,
And on the walk,
I checked out the chicks.
Cause as I said it was sunny,
and also quite hot.
So the girls were laying out,
and not wearing a lot.

But then back to work,
some more people came in.
Really only two,
not even a din.
So I thought to myself,
"How the time shall I pass
while I'm just sitting here,
testing my ass?"

"Eureka!" I screamed,
(well, I didn't scream it really.
If I'd screamed Eureka,
people'd think I was silly.)
"Some rhymes I will rhyme,
and a poem I'll make."
so I started this poem,
just for boredom's sake.

But its gotten quite long,
and not very good.
So I think I will end it.
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