3/30/2005 11:29:00 AM|||Andy|||
Since my roommates are ever-fearless to post things on their blogs that include out-landish (but utterly hilarious) ideas I've decided to start posting my own.

I came up with this one immediately after I woke up this morning.

I've invented a new product called "Shitballs." Shitballs would basically be like a patriotic toy for kids - like GI Joe. Some of the balls would be in camouflage, others would have helmets, but anyway perhaps the funniest thing would be the theme song. It's along the lines of "GI Joe, Real American Hero." It's short and sweet like that and would have the same type of patriotic ring to it. I may or may not record it and post the link to it later, anyway:

"SHITBALLS! Rollin' across A-mer-i-ca-uh - TWO AT A TIME!"

By the way, you get two shitballs per package. But they aren't garaunteed to roll due to the general mis-shapenness of turds, and of course their battle helmets.