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This is a pretty interesting concept that my buddy told me about when we were chatting over drinks the other night. It has to do with the concept of coincidence and spirituality, or rather science vs. spirituality. We talked about it very in-depth but this basic concept I find pretty interesting.

We were talking about how we find it realtively impossible that human life exists in the fine balance on which we teeter because of mere coincidence. That somehow a big explosion could not have been so perfectly random that the earth orbit just far enough from the sun and loop around in perfect elipses - mere centimeters from firing off into space, having the planet be an ice tundra or an inferno not suitable for life. So Dave said the following:

Consider this. We know the universe, or at least our solar system and what we know of the universe, is based on elipses. These elipses are perfect. If they weren't perfect we would burn, freeze, or be shot off into space.

Now let's take the atom. We know that electrons circle the atom's core and they do so in a specific and also perfict orbit. The interesting thing is that when we try and break the atoms, the catastrophic happens - an atomic explosion.

It is interesting that this microcosm of the universe carry similar devastating properties when destroyed, as the earth would be destroyed if we were to somehow alter its place in orbit.

End Dave's Musing.

It seems a basic pattern is evident. What uses pattern? Pattern in its simplest form is quite simply used to create things. A machine can crank out 100 of the same tupperware containers because someone created a pattern and stuck with it. Sure they varied the shapes and sizes, but the result, AND the underlying pattern is quite similar. Who created the pattern? Man.

The bible says God created Man in his own image. Now if you're agnostic like myself you come across a lot of things in the bible that were most likely just fables or parables to prove a point or to explain the unexplainable in a time where there weren't other means. At the same time there are a few basic things that ARE accepted universally in the bible like Jesus' life and the existence of many biblical characters which means that there are most likely other truths as well. A divine being creating something in his own image doesn't seem that far fetched. This is a possibility.

It is also possible that a divine being created the huge explosion which set things into motion and paved the way for evolution which would eventually lead the way for a creature coming about which resembles its creator.

It doesn't really prove anything but its interesting to think about. I certainly believe there ARE coincidences but i also believe that many things happen for a reason. It just seems like the universe and its microcosm the atom, are too much alike for there not to be some serious thought given as to whether or not it and we are some bit of divine tupperware.
|||110986773763907727|||Dave's Musings on the Universe3/06/2005 10:42:00 PM|||Blogger math fruit|||You know, the atom isn't really a microcosm of the solar system. Curiously, the two actually follow a completely different set of laws. Quantum and astro physicists are still seeking out a unification theory, a pattern.


Actually, my comment isn't really proving anything. I just wanted to say that I enjoy your musings without being too direct.