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I think we can all agree that politics are politics. No one really likes them because let's face it, you can never be 100 percent happy. In fact you're probably lucky if you eek out with around 45 percent. Yet everyone likes talking about them and the issues raised are sometimes interesting and always controversial.

So since this is my blog and you jerks don't write it, here is my theory:

Rather than separating the parties into the typical conservative/republican and liberal/democrat ideologies there should be two parties - Rational and Irrational. The rational parties would include moderates from either party and the irrational would include the extremes from both parties.

This way the populace will have a better chance of choosing a president/senator/governer with which the people as a whole would be more happy. Eventually the idea would be that the labels conservative and liberal would peel off and you'd be left with simply the rational and irrational.

I know it would never happen but I think it would be interesting. People of course would still find things to bitch about but the hope would be that they'd agree with, or at least be okay with, more of the decisions made by the administration chosen.

The only real problem with this system would be, of course, that the irrationals would basically never win, which in my opinion would be just fine. I'd much rather have a rational democrat than an irrational republican and of course vice versa.

I think the imposition of the candidates' values on society would be less of a factor with rational candidates as well. Now depending on your societal views this could also be a drawback - whether you believe the people should be shoved into a new age of thinking or pushed back into unlightenment. Personally I'd be happy with someone who allowed me to choose what's best for myself and just took care of the big decisions in a rational manner.

That pretty much sums it up. I hope politics wisens up a bit in the near future rather than continually sending us these tangential goons to hammer their fists on tables and preach values or anti-values (depending on whose side you're on). It'd be nice if the American people were given a break from lunging at each other's jugular for a while and could say, at the very least, "I disagree, but its not that big of a deal."

More interesting ideas to come, but they'll probably be more oriented towards poopy jokes.
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