3/17/2005 09:00:00 AM|||Andy|||
St. Patrick's Day is a day when everyone who's Irish
makes excuses to drink themselves silly...so really
its just a day like any other. I'm not sure how it
came about and I don't really care, I always have a
good time on St. Patty's with one little exception:
The pinching. If you don't wear green you're
supposedly going to get pinched.

It surprises me that in this day and age of
"enlightenment" (read: ultra-sensitivity) that someone
hasn't been sued for sexual harrassment because of
being pinched on St. Patrick's Day. Don't get me
wrong, I'm glad the American people have decided that
some things ARE still sacred - after all where would
we be without our yearly St. Patty's Day welts? That
being said I think the last time I got pinched on St.
Patrick's day was high school, so maybe times they
really are a-changin' - I wouldn't really know though
because despite the fact that I forget about Drinking
Day every year, I some how manage to leave the house
with something green on.

At any rate this was just a useless idea that passed
through my brain. I'm sitting here at work wishing
the person I'd love to pinch were in the same country
as me right now, and putting off doing my TA duties of
flunking all the students in my class (not really).
More non-sense to come.
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