3/25/2005 10:38:00 AM|||Andy|||
Everyone everywhere knows about the big Terry Schiavo case. This woman who supposedly told her husband she wants to die rather than live on machines before she was put in the situation, yet nothing was in writing - etc. Well I'm sick of it.

Just let the woman die. In fact, its time for some euthanasia here. Where the hell is Dr. J K when you need him? Give her some sleepy pills, some happy gas, or have Jack Bauer "extract" information from her - but let the poor woman die in peace. I think it would be actually MORE cruel to put the feeding tube back in now. Can you imagine? "Yeah okay, we're following your wishes, you're gonna die...wait...hold on....maybe we can...interfere just a little...more....OKAY PUT IT BACK IN!"

Give me a break. This woman's quality of life with that damn tube in is JUST like being dead. You're laying somewhere uncomfortable for the rest of eternity, you can't really feel it, you don't know what's going on in the world - the only difference is someone is piping disgusting mush down your throat for, possibly, years. Whoop dee do. I'm sure it makes others SO happy to see you alive in this way. Let go people.

Also, can't they get her damn name right? I mean please, the name is Italian (if its not I apologize for this tangent) so it should be pronounced "SKI-AH-VOH" jerks! I mean the news, everywhere, no one is getting it right. I don't care if even she didn't pronounce it right - she couldn't cause of that damn feeding tube.

That's all I really care to say. Once again the news has found something completely stupid to become obsessed over instead of trying to find some actual information for us - thanks a lot idiots.
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