3/07/2005 01:23:00 PM|||Andy|||
Sunny D!

I have never in my life seen people excited to drink Sunny D. Further still I don't think anyone buys it, and if they do chances are they'd choose at LEAST OJ over it if not soda. The purple stuff could be any number of things, but I'd still choose it over Sunny D. Sunny D is like having an OJ milkshake. Its so thick and disgusting. I like that now Sunny D also has a Sunny D sport type drink. I can't imagine anyone coming off the court or sideline at a game somewhere and saying, man I'm so thirsty, where's the Sunny D? Give me a break. That'd be like saying "Man I could really go for a cold glass of milk" and then drinking motor oil. Sunny D I hate you and all you stand for. May the purple stuff dominate over you for years to come.
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