4/13/2005 11:54:00 AM|||Andy|||
A few days ago I came up with a smashing idea for a band. It would challenge them creatively, make them better musicians, and bring a really cool product to their users. So here's the idea followed by a couple of artist who I think could pull this off.

The plan is that each consumer, or at least a majority of the consumers, get a different album with the same songs on it. That is, the tracks on the album are all the same songs but recorded in different styles.

The band's job would be to write their 10-12 songs for the album, and then record each one in as many styles as they can muster (I'm gonna recommend about 15-20 styles or variations per tune - though I realize this is a lofty goal). Then the albums that are distributed are given one variation per tune in some random combination. That way each album is different.

This project's drawbacks are biggest when it comes to cost and time. It takes a TON of time to record a track to get it right in even one variation (although as the band plays more and more, they'll get better in playing the track right within the first couple cuts). Second if the band doesn't own its own studio, then it will cost a boatload of money to record for that long. There is an added fear that the group members wouldn't be creative enough to come up with that many variations per tune, but I think the following artists or groups could definitely do it (and these are chosen solely from rock/pop groups) in no particular order:

1. John Mayer - This guy pretty much changes his songs every night when he's on tour anyway.

2. Stevie Wonder - His love of synths and funky beats make him a must for a project like this.

3. Paul McCartney - duh.

4. Brian Wilson - duh.

5. Pearl Jam - one of the most talented rock bands I've heard- yet for some reason I still don't own an album.

6. They Might Be Giants - the two Johns are brimming with creativity. Musically speaking, a project like this would be a breeze for them.

7. Jack Black and KG - I think it would be a real challenge for these two, but I also think they may be able to pull it off - KG definitely has the guitar chops.

8. Eric Clapton - Guitar mastermind and raised on old school blues. He's played with cream, the Beatles, and a bajillion other mind-blowing acts.

I know I've probably left out some groups, but what's sad is I can't really think of anymore on my own. Also notice the majority of the people on the list have a few things in common -

They're prolific songwriters
They're all amazing at their instruments
and most of them have careers that have spanned more than a decade (with the exception of john mayer, but he's only 26 afterall).

Anyway I think it would be a cool project, so if one of the people on the above list reads this, get to work!
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