4/04/2005 10:27:00 AM|||Andy|||
Have you ever noticed that when we sit down to watch TV most of the time we're looking for something we've already seen? We're laying in bed or sprawled on the couch, there's crumbs all over our stomachs, there's a million things we've told others we need to get done and there we are going "man there is NOTHING on, I wish there was a good movie or reruns on!" Or if we do happen across a movie we have seen we immediately think "oh I love this movie!" and start watching it, commercials and all, despite having seen it 15 times and most likely owning it.

What's more amazing is that there are literally hundreds of channels to choose from yet we frequent the same ones consistently. That's like going to a neighborhood restaurant and eating everynight, all the while saying "man this food is TERRIBLE! We've got to find a better place!....could you pass the falafel?"
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