6/26/2005 11:58:00 PM|||Andy|||
Coincidentally enough I am in my boxer-briefs alone as I write this ( no air-conditioning at the fam's place) so the title is very fitting (pun intended).

Anyway, I have been in my hometown, or the most home of the many towns I've lived in, for the past 5 days for a good friend's wedding. The wedding itself was the time of my life and its really interesting to see so many people that you know, or once knew. It brings up a lot of different thoughts and serves up many different drinks which create amazing memories, remind you of some old memories, and generally cause you to have so many stories floating around its difficult not to stop and wonder. So here are a TON of random thoughts I've had.

1. I have never seen anyone look happier than my buddy did when he saw his bride walking down the aisle. That is the absolute truth.
2. Holy shit, weddings are expensive. Not just monetarily, but temporally as well.
3. I absolutely cannot make small talk with a woman unless I'm drunk. I have so much to say and ask when I'm drunk, but when sober it seems WAY more difficult. And its not from lack of trying, I have the courage regardless. Thank God I do a wicked robot.
4. People love the robot. I did some dancing in like a circle on the dance floor thrown in with some super-slow-mo moves, and I heard a bunch of people as I was leaving the floor say "That guy in the pink is a good dancer!"
5. Purdue is an awesome school.
6. People really appreciate music and they really CAN'T tell when you don't play it perfect. It has taken me tons of performances for this to really hit home. But its a lesson well learned. I can't wait to take jazz piano lessons.
7. I am going to take jazz piano lessons. I already know a basic amount, but Bill Evans being in my mom's car CD player was an amazing reinforcement of my love of jazz piano. I'm also amazed at how he and a piano fit in that little slot.
8. I am not going to buy a crappy car as my first car. Its going to be a nice, used car of German make. I will negotiate with the owner entirely in German.
9. Total amount of money spent on alcohol in State College so far - 50-65 dollars. I have paid for so little it is still blowing my mind.
10. For some reason I have not been hung over for more than 30 minutes. I don't know why. Usually I can't drink that much and not suffer the consequences.
11. I am better at Ultimate and am no longer intimidated to play with the old Spank people. Its nice.
12. I would rather live and work in NYC than in the DC metro area, but I only have an interview in DC. But I still like DC, I just hope to get to NYC someday.
13. I need to stop the following activities - drunk-dialing, drunk-emailing, drunk-text messaging.
14. I should write down the thoughts that I have so I remember them all.
15. I am going to be an awesome best-man, but the crazy part is I don't think I'm a good enough friend to any of my friends to be chosen as their best-man.
16. The pink shirt/tie combo went over well. I only received compliments - not even joking chides!
17. My friends and I are getting older and I'm afraid I haven't valued them enough and have taken their immediate prescence for granted. TV, Computers, Video games, alcohol, cars, clothes, who cares? I'm so much more entertained, comforted, and enlightened by my friends. Thanks bros and bro-ets.
18. My birthday is in less than a week and I keep forgetting about it. But I don't really care about it either. It just means, really, that my car insurance will drop and I can't try out for the Real World.
19. Its nice to not dress like a 7th grader anymore.

That is pretty much it. I may come back and add some more if I remember others.
|||111984865909143481|||Some brief thoughts about Matrimony6/27/2005 10:29:00 PM|||Blogger jazz|||i like the image of you sitting there blogging in the boxer briefs.

the robot?

i love jazz piano

a guy i know played football for perdue. a guy named tim stratton.

early happy birthday if i forget.6/28/2005 12:33:00 AM|||Blogger Andy|||You like that image? I may ask you to marry me.

Yes, the robot.

Let's start a club.

really? Cool.

Thanks!6/28/2005 11:06:00 PM|||Blogger jazz|||it won't be the first time i've been proposed to. ask away ;)