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As many of you have already been able to surmise, I have a peculiar sense of humor. I constantly say lines from movies or other comic medium that no one could possibly understand, then laugh at them out loud. I figured since I am putting off packing for the big move, and since they have entertained me so often, I would list some of my favorite movies.

1. Dirty Work - This is most likely my all time favorite comedy. I laugh so hard at this film every time I see it. The acting is atrocious and most people just look at me confused and disgusted as I howl at the insanity occuring on screen. If you haven't seen this movie, you need to check it out.

2. Road Trip - Hailed by most as "poor at best" this college comedy has more moments of sheer brilliance than few others. Tom Green is amazingly funny ("you gonna fuckin' eat 'im?") and Sean William-Scott has some awesome lines too. There are also some really cool cameos (ie: that guy from Upright Citzen's Brigrade and Horatio Sans).

3. Euro Trip - This movie TANKED in the theatres and THATS when you can tell its gonna make a DVD classic. You should be able to buy this film use on Amazon for cheaper than it would cost to rent. I haven't watched it enough yet to pick out all the astoundingly hilarious moments, but let's just say I hate those fuckin' i-ti's (pronounced eye-ties).

4. Anchorman - I actually don't own this one yet and I'm not sure why, but I will say that will ferrell is of course a genius. My favorite part in this movie is, hands down, when they sing "Afternoon Delight" in Burgundy's office.

5. Dodgeball - I gotta say I'm pretty pissed they're coming out with the unrated version of this now. I mean, all the other movies that had unrated versions were nice enough to release it immediately. At any rate this movie rules. Vince Vaughn switches up from being the quick-talking asshole to being the quick-talking good guy while Ben Stiller kicks aside his stuttering fool role to play an arrogant jerk. There are tons of great things about this movie, but I gotta say its a real blessing to have Rip Torn as the coach, Patches O'Hoolihan.

6. Old School - A lot of people are surprised that I don't like this movie more...in fact I am one of those people. It IS a very funny movie but for some reason, I don't know if its because the acting is better or what, its lacking a lot of hilarious subtleties that you can find in Dirty Work and Road Trip. I'll still watch this one from time to time, but not as much as the others.

7. Seinfeld - Not technically a movie but I don't care. I can literally watch 100 Seinfeld episodes a week and never get tired of them. It is PURE COMEDIC GENIUS. People who don't like Seinfeld are crazy and brainless. I'm not insulting them, its scientific fact.

That's all I feel like writing about. I should probably get back to work anyway. You never realize how much crap you have until you have to move it all.
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