7/01/2005 10:27:00 AM|||Andy|||
This post promises to be quite lame, but I figured I had better put something up soon. Here are some ridiculous children's book titles I've come up with:

1. The Shat in the Hat
2. The Little Engine That Could, but Wouldn't due to anxiety and depression.
3. Clifford The Big Red, Commy-bastard.
4. Harry Potter and the Mystical Brain Tumor that Killed His Magic.
5. Pre-teen Pelvic Thrusting: A Guide
6. Where Your Wild Things Are
7. Furious George - The Furious Little Monkey With a Hatred of Babies.
8. Where the Sidewalk Ends...Your Life! The Follies of Traffic Safety Disobedience.
9. Nancy Drew Meets the Hardy Boys, and then they do it.
10. A Stranger is Just a Friend You Haven't Met: A Guide to Getting Free Candy
|||112023149460074314|||Rejected Children's Book Titles11/11/2006 05:07:00 AM|||Blogger Xandrig|||Damn that's awesome! Especially #3. I'm gonna call my friend that cuz he's a Clifford, after all...