8/19/2005 01:20:00 AM|||Andy|||
When you're a childish quarter-century man like myself you begin to realize things about the world slowly but surely...as you FALL into utter states of confusion on a daily basis. Since I've moved I've come to realize many things about time as it relates to me at this point in space - most importantly? TBS is the best channel on television.

I'm a man who loves zainy comedies with no plot. Comedies that you can tell were put together just so the writers would have something to do. TBS takes all the sitcoms I would watch if I were 12 and couldn't drink (or even if I could) and puts them all on one channel...Except the Steve Harvey Show. Steve Harvey should be killed and killed soon.

Luckily I've found a new love in Yes, Dear and renewed my kinship with Home Improvement. The Drew Carey Show, which I haven't watched consistently in ages, is also VERY high on the list as it promises outlandish laughs time and again.

Then pre-dinner and night-time arrive and out come the Seinfelds and the Friends and then the movies (typically comedies or cool action flicks).

The only drawback? Commercials. TBS should just turn into an HBO-esque scheme and give me everything I love.

Most of you who know me know that once I score the "real job" I don't plan on buying cable. This post is a testament as to why. I hate liking TV. Its awful. But if I have to have it, TBS is the place to be.
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