11/14/2005 04:54:00 PM|||Andy|||
Me either. But I want to try a little experiment. Lately I've come up with some little one liners that I can easily picture Mssr. Vaughn uttering in a movie to the audiences great delight.

My experiment is to post a one-liner in my blog, and then see, if by word of mouth, if I can get him to say it in a movie. How cool would this be? I think it's an awesome idea. I also think it will work. Especially because the line is really perfect for him. In fact, I feel like if I knew Vince Vaughn personally, we would be the best of friends and we'd hang out with Will Ferrell and the Wilsons and Ben Stiller and generally be hilarious and have free reign over the comedy-genre empire in the film industry.

Years and years ago when I was a sophomore in college, I thought it would be really cool to mix hip-hop and opera and call it a hip-hopera. Then like 2 years later, MTV actually produces something called a hip-hopera! I couldn't believe it! I was sure someone saw it (I had put it in my IM profile) and word got around - I mean it was even called the same thing! Of course, it was utterly stupid because they didn't do it the way I would have. But oh well.

So here it is folks. The first one liner. Let's see if we can get this to Vince - ready?

scene: The group of dudes, or the dude, with whom Vince is hanging has just suffered a disheartening sort of loss; things are a little glum. Vince gives one of his non-chalant but encouraging impromptu speeches, then says

"now let's go scare up some ass."

I'm sure at the end of the line he'd throw in a little extra so it'd turn out something like -

"now let's go scare up some ass. Daddy's had 6 beers and its time to get a little crazy."

But you all get the idea.

Now I just have to sit back and wait for it to get to him.
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