11/08/2005 05:53:00 PM|||Andy|||
This morning as I was walking to work I passed a number of what i would describe as "hoodlums" "toughs" "gangstas" or "douchebags." I am just baffled at the love of wearing clothes that are just gigantic on you. I mean baffled.

I thought as these guys passed me, there were three of them (and different races too I might add), how tough they must feel. How cool they must think they look. And how confident they must be to wander around looking like someone put THEM in the dryer too long.

I also noticed that they all had what I like to call "struts," "cool walks," "hip shuffles," or "no belts." These guys were all walking like one leg was seriously injured and it was being supported by a string attached to their neck. This string of course pulled their heads down to the side and caused their opposite-side arms to jack up and swing back and forth. The other arm is used strictly for holding up their pants (usually aided by tucking the front of the shirt only - NOT the sides or back - into the front of their pants exposing an huge belt buckle...no LCD display though).

Now, because their heads were being pulled down by the string supporting their leg, they had to compensate their hat wearage. The hats were slanted to the opposite side, placed, no, BARELY resting on the tops of their heads. The brims were perfectly straight.

My final thoughts as I walked past these guys was the following:

These guys think they're really tough. That they could kick anyone's ass. I can see it on their faces.

I have never been less afraid of someone in my life. I thought that if they came after me their limps would severely inhibit their mobility and their clothes falling off with severely limit their speed. Also they probably would be afraid to get their "kickin' threads" dirty.
|||113149155580146165|||Huge Clothes on Average People11/08/2005 10:28:00 PM|||Blogger jazz|||this was so funny.

i pictured it all perfectly...11/09/2005 09:43:00 AM|||Blogger The Brewer Patriot|||why would you bend the brim on a hat? That is crazy! Personally, I don't bend the hat OR take the tags off. And I only wear extra long white t-shirts, possibly with a jersey over it. You think that i would have to hike my shirt up to get to my wallet, but I don't for two reasons: 1) i wear my pants as low as I can before they fall off and 2) i don't have any money.