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I meant to do one of these long ago, but I completely forgot (sorry Jazz). But then The Brewer just did one and I remembered. So, here we go.

1. I think I am hilarious, especially when surrounded by my close circle of friends.
2. I consider myself overly creative and under...ly motivated.
3. Being 25 I am discovering so much. Things I miss, things I missed, things I did, and things I wish I didn't do. It is amazing.
4. I've only played my trombone twice in the last 3 months, and that makes me really sad. I miss it. I miss playing quartets, big band sections, and yes, even orchestra sections.
5. Starting a relationship always scares me because I don't like not knowing how it will turn out, so I usually tell girls right from the get go that I am jerk. Typically, though, my feedback is pretty good.
6. King of Spills is my nickname. There is no hilarious story behind this. I just spill things all the time, and just when I think I've relinquished my crown, I go and have a major spill.
7. Speaking frankly, I think my close circle of friends and I would honestly fit in incredibly well with the Stiller/Ferrell/Vaugh/Wilsons group. I also think if we were to all write a movie it would be funnier than anything that said group could come up with.
8. I consider all of my friends smarter than me. All of them.
9. I don't consider all of my friends more creative than me.
10. The human mind is the most powerful tool. People use this tool to both do good, and bad, to accomplish, and to be lazy. I truly feel the more we take control of this tool, and use it positively, the more positivity will surround us, and in a larger perimeter.
11. I truly believe in Karma.
12. I believe in God, because there are so many things that go right.
13. I believe in evolution.
14. I consider myself a very true moderate.
15. Thinking can solve most any problem that isn't directly physical, and many that are.
16. The longer I live, the more it is proven to me that life is nothing but a cycle of cycles. It's really, really cool.
17. A lot of times when I'm by myself and walking home in the dark I think of myself as cowboy who is the fastest guns in the west, or some other kind of awesome vigilante. 3 percent of me thinks its childish, while the other 97 percent is ecstatic to still imagine like a child - a great feat.
18. I consider myself a great Ultimate Frisbee player and a good athlete in general.
19. I think more highly of people I meet who are musicians than those who aren't.
20. I am getting over being uncomfortable about playing my songs for people, and am considering doing just that soon.
21. I compare my songs to Paul McCartney, John Mayer, Bela Fleck, and Bill Evans, and I think they are terrible and that I should throw them away.
22. I love to learn - instruments, history, trivia, anything.
23. I will be taking courses at NYU to get a certificate in graphic design, Flash, and probably final cut. I don't know why, I guess I've always wanted to create with these tools.
24. So far I really enjoy my new job.
25. Being a great jazz piano player is still an ambition of mine and I plan to make it come true.
26. I miss playing in my band, and I wish I would've sung at least one song when I did.
27. Music reveals more of itself to me everyday of my life in a new way that I haven't realized before. I learn more about it, and it becomes both less and more of a mystery with each bit of knowledge.
28. I miss Franklin a lot more than I thought I would. He is a great friend - funny, kind, and kind of a jerk.
29. I still do the Franklin voice - out loud - when I'm around and I think I see or hear something he'd "comment" on.
30. I eat too much.
31. Thongs and hot pants or boy shorts are so much hotter than any other kind of women's underwear. SO MUCH HOTTER.
32. I see my parents getting visibly older for the first time. I hear it in their voices and see it in their faces. It makes me sad.
33. Sometimes I wonder if I've been a good son.
34. I can't wait to pay my parents back someday, in some big way.
35. Sometimes I really think I'm ready to meet someone and get married, sometimes I can't imagine ever getting married. This is really scary because 2 years ago, I never thought about it at all.
36. Would never dream of having kids yet. They still really annoy me.
37. I love hilarious movies more than anyone should.
38. Laughing is probably my favorite thing to do. Laughing so hard your sides and stomach hurt, you face hurts, your eyes tear up, and you can't breathe. There is nothing more fun than that. It is pure.
39. I make fun of people a lot. Sometimes its really really harsh. I never ever mean it.
40. I think I'm one of the coolest drunks you could ever be around, and I think my friends would all agree with that.
41. My friends are the coolest drunks to be around.
42. No one calls me. No one writes me email. No one IMs me. This is generally, not an exaggeration. Most all of my communications are started by me.
43. I love getting phone calls, probably because it makes me happy that someone is thinking about me enough to want to talk to me.
44. Sleeping with woman is my idea of a good night's sleep.
45. Especially if I'm tired from some sort of sexual precursor.
46. I'm a giver.
47. When I was a kid in school, they had these really long urinals that stretched down to the floor. I used to pee through the kid's legs in front of me so I didn't have to wait.
48. I always say jokes that only I or my friends would get out loud, whether there are others around or not. The people never get it, and I always try to explain the joke to them further anyway, and it never helps. I also find that hilarious and laugh harder at it.
49. I speak Italian pretty fluently, even after a couple years of not doing it everyday, and am always surprised that I'm still able to do it.
50. My love of PSU football has rekindled for me this year - it hasn't been around since 8th grade.
51. I have two favorite alcoholic drinks: Chianti, and Bombay Saphire.
52. I recently finished Stephen King's "It" and it made me laugh and choke up more than it made me scared. But it when it did scare me, it was terrifying.
53. One day I'd like to write a children's book, I'm not sure why.
54. I had a dog when I was a kid named Chopper
55. I play trombone, bass, guitar, piano and a tiny bit of drums.
56. I know more about computers than most people i know.
57. I know more about electronics than most people i know.
58. I consider myself a huge dork, but would never call myself a nerd.
59. Seinfeld will always be my favorite sitcom. It is, as The Brewer put it, "The Golden Standard" against which all other sitcoms are judged.
60. Talking dirty is not a strong point of mine, it makes me feel awkward.
61. Surprisingly, I run pretty fast at top speed.
62. While others find Craigslist helpful in finding a place to live, I've found it utterly maddening and don't recommend it...though it seems to be the only thing you can use if you don't want to pay out the nose.
63. I've never gotten in a real fight.
64. If I ever get mugged in New York, I've decided I'm going to act completely insane, and just go for doing as much harm to the assailant(s) as possible. I think I could scare the shit out of someone and really do some damage - and possibly save other people from muggings - if I acted this way.
65. Aside from all the obvious shallow things, a smart girl really turns me on. I love women who can make me think, fascinate me, and always have something worth-while to say.
66. Those T-Mobile "Poser-Mobile" commercials are hilarious and I always laugh out loud at them.
67. My favorite kind of music is Jazz, but I will listen to anything twice.
68. I think I'm a pretty good singer.
69. Vince Vaughn is my social role-model.
70. John Mayer is my song-writing role-model.
71. McCartney is my musical role-model.
72. I know I am going to be a great success at whatever it is I end up doing the longest.
73. It drives me insane when people don't call or email back after I call or email them.
74. I think the mom on the show "Yes, Dear" whose name is Kim on the show, incredibly gorgeous. Sorry Jennifer Aniston, you're out.
75. Local TV commercials annoy the bejesus out of me. They're such poor quality all around.
76. Remembering names is definitely not something I do well the first time I meet someone. The second time, I'm golden.
77. Waking up to answer a phone call from one of my friends is one of the simple pleasures in my life.
78. Jay-Z is one of my favorite Artists.
79. When I was in elementary school, 5th grade I think, I got hit by a bus. For real.
80. My head has been cracked open three times.
81. Half of the thumb on my right hand was dangling by not very much skin at one point. It was sewn back on.
82. 24, Prison Break, and Family Guy are my favorite current shows.
83. Jerry Seinfeld is my humor role-model.
84. Ross was easily the funniest character on Friends.
85. Laguna Beach, the Real World, and similar shows, are complete trash and a total waste of time. I thought that maybe I only think this because I'm getting older, but I still laugh uproariously at the word "poop." My opinions, therefore, must be based solely on quality of programming.
86. Some point this Spring, I will most likely be going abroad for 9 days, I'm so excited to return to Europe.
87. The French don't get anything right, except IP laws, some cheese, bread, and some wines.
88. I find politics utterly hilarious at this point in time. There seem to be only extremes and no compromise from either side, leaving people furious and irritated, and the American public disgusted.
89. Lately I've been learning more about my family's history. It is pretty interesting. Apparently my mom's gradfather on her dad's side had an accident in the mines, metal plates put in his head (consider the time period - late 1800's), and then went slowly insane and died 4 years later. He was 34.
90. Women still confuse me everyday of my life, and I love it.
91. I prefer to take the stairs rather than the elevator.
92. On the football team in 8th grade i played tight end and defensive tackle.
93. In an IM Basketball game in high school, I hit a game-winning 3-point shot. The 3-pointer is not my specialty, in fact, my percentage is probably only about 20 in a game situation...if that.
94. Sometimes the funniest thing you can say to someone is to purposely misinterpret something they have said, and then wait to see if they explain it to you. The ones that explain I don't waste my time with. The ones that laugh I have great respect for.
95. I am on Instant Messenger almost at all times.
96. People have told me I look like: Andy Roddick, Tom Everett Scott, and some dutch soccer legend. I don't see the Roddick one at all, the others I generally agree with...what about Ryan Reynolds?
97. I didn't drink until I turned 21. Since then, I haven't stopped drinking. I'm pissed I didn't do it more before that.
98. Being honest is something that I try to do all of the time. I like to think I succeed for the most part...unless I'm trying to be funny.
99. I wear boxer briefs.
100. I am almost positive that all of my good, good friends will get married before me. I don't find this good or bad, I just think that's the way it will work out.
|||113211796239161499|||My 100 Things List11/17/2005 09:46:00 AM|||Blogger The Brewer Patriot|||good work, dude. i find it interesting that i read about 20 of these and thought, i should have put that on my list. ha.11/19/2005 09:18:00 PM|||Anonymous herbie|||I like number six, king of spills. Funny stuff.