11/01/2005 10:43:00 PM|||Andy|||
I've noticed that on TV shows featuring lawyers at trial they only ever reference the first few ammendments.

I've noticed that i hate old cartoons. Why? Because they're terrifying.

I've noticed that rent in Harlem, is really not any cheaper than in Manhattan - especially considering the lousy neighborhoods and matching clientele.

I've noticed that when you think you sound stupid, no one else seems to notice.

I've noticed the feeling that something is behind you, because I've started reading Stephen King's "It"

I've noticed that if a girl wears thongs primarily, I tend to like her more than girls that don't (based on personality) - I've noticed that is entirely weird and I've also noticed a strong desire not to post it, but I will.

I've noticed that I haven't exercised in like a week and a half.

I've noticed that other people regard my Master's degree with greater respect than I tend to, and I've noticed I should change that to match them.

I've noticed my negative thinking to be gradually slipping away.

I've noticed feeling better.

I've noticed that people are very happy to hear you say "I don't know, but I'll find out and get back to you soon" - much happier than they'd be if you BSed an answer immediately.

I've noticed that it's more fun to dress up for Halloween and be something entirely uncreative, than it is to say "I never have good costume ideas" and not dress up at all.

I've noticed that I sometimes have a really tough time coming up with things to talk about with people, and other times its a breeze. I've noticed no particular reason or pattern to this.

I've noticed that State College is not such a bad town...but it still doesn't offer what I need from a location.

I've noticed that work is great, and it makes me happy to go there.

I've noticed that the weather in New York, is much nicer than the weather in State College.

I've noticed I am too tired to stay up any longer.
|||113090459161663180|||Things I have noticed11/02/2005 12:12:00 AM|||Blogger Delhui|||I've noticed I like your blog. Welcome to the Empire State...11/02/2005 12:05:00 PM|||Blogger Andy|||Thanks man!11/02/2005 10:41:00 PM|||Blogger jazz|||as to #1...usually because the first few are the important ones...like, you know, the bill of rights.

but honestly, most cases arent Con law cases.

and when are you gonna call me now that you're in teh city bitch!