12/21/2005 10:40:00 AM|||Andy|||
I was just thinking about what kinds of stuff I would have the gall to ask for this year if my parents were obscenely wealthy. I figured I'd share it with you all.

Rickenbacker 4003 Bass Guitar, $1,079
- McCartney eventually switched to one of these bad boys in the late 60's. Granted this isn't the vintage model, but afterall, I'm not that greedy.

Sony's PCMD1, $1,850 - This little guy boasts a mini X-Y pair of mic's that are designed to make master quality recordings in a miniature package. Holy crap. This thing would be the ultimate for sampling, bootlegging, and recording yourself...and it would sound awesome at that.

Apple's Power PC G5, $3,499
- Okay, I know they're coming out with new intel-based machines soon, but seriously. This thing would be so awesome to have its not even funny.

Apple's 30" Hi-Def Cinema Display, $2,499
- What the hell else would you hook up to the G5?

Focus Firestone FS-4 DTE Recorder, $800
- You hook this techno-wonder up to your camcorder and it acts as a portable hard drive. Except it catalogs everything for you and makes getting ready to edit a breeze. Deathblow would be amazing.

John Mayer's Signature Stratocaster, $1,400
- A big part of my raving fanaticism for John Mayer is his awesome guitar sound. It's quite possibly the coolest thing I have ever heard come from a guitar. I also like that the guitar neck is thin so you can wrap your thumb around there real good. Nice work John.

The new BMW M6, $100,000
- This car isn't out yet in the states so I don't think there's a price yet. But since the M5 starts at $81,900, I figure $100K is a fair guess. Sporting a V10 engine, this is basically a race car...a race car that you can drive around town and smoke people in. It also happens to be a gorgeous piece of machinery. I don't know if the link takes you to the car specifically, but do yourself a favor and take the 3 seconds to check it out.

Sony HDR-FX1, $3,700
- This video camera I would probably not even know how to use. Luckily that doesn't matter. It'll just end up in my closet and my incredibly wealthy parents would have to buy me a new one next year. However, I do know it records in Hi-Def and, again, Deathblow would just be amazing.

Martin DC Trey Anastasio Acoustic Guitar, $4, 099 - While certainly nothing specially and by no means the most expensive acoustic guitar, it would suit my purposes. Thanks guy from Phish. Wood from Italy and India is cool.

Although it is by no means complete, this list is defintitely a good start to the happiest Christmas of my life. Also, any accompanying amps to the electric guitar and bass would be appreciated in case you're taking notes. If you're not sure of a brand, just say "Marshall." Thanks daddykins, tah.
|||113518163411224758|||If Santa Were a Millionaire12/21/2005 05:50:00 PM|||Blogger The Brewer Patriot|||dude, so sweet. add a set of electronic drums to that list and sign me up! especially that Rick bass. oh man, it hurts me a little. i have been playing that bass you sold me for pretty much an hour every night and i love it.12/21/2005 05:52:00 PM|||Blogger The Brewer Patriot|||http://www.zzounds.com/item--ROLTD12S this one would be good, i think12/21/2005 06:04:00 PM|||Blogger jonphiwil|||Oh man, that is awesome. Especially the Sony HD camera. I've personally been drooling over that for weeks. I wouldn't mind that Martin Acoustic either. Oh well, maybe next year.