5/23/2006 10:56:00 PM|||Andy|||
A poem about how much I like cheese:

Cheese can be holey,
and smelly and green.
Cheese can be yellow,
or orange, or 'tween.
Cheese comes from cows,
who give up their milk,
so we can make sandwiches,
for all of our ilk.

Cheese can be firm,
and cheese can be mushy.
Don't give your cheese,
to that bully who's pushy!
Instead give a punch,
Aye! sqaure in the jaw.
He won't take your cheese,
(which is breaking the law).

Cheese makes some sick,
Lactose makes them ill.
Instead they get lactaid,
or a calcium pill.
It's too bad for them,
but delicious, you see?
because in the end,
it's just more cheese for me.

So whether its smell,
or whether its texture,
I say you like cheese!
and it's not just conjecture.
Now go to the grocer,
and fare to isle's end.
to buy up some cheese,
Because cheese is your friend.
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