7/07/2006 02:29:00 PM|||Andy|||
Verizon did it. They have completely and utterly redeemed themselves in my eyes. I had Verizon a while ago, and like the girl that sleeps with you on the first date, I lost total respect for them (after they slept with me on the first date). But yesterday, despite their whoredom, they've gone and not only equaled Cingular, but they have surpassed them. Game, set, and match.

Yesterday Verizon released a version of the Samsung P850 (available on Verizon as the...well what the fuck do I care, I can't get it). Officially becoming the first wireless carrier in the US to carry a 3.2 mega-pixel camera-phone. On a side note, earlier this week they also ammended their contracts to state Verizon customers could upgrade phones at the new-customer price after 1 year (something Cingular has done for a while). If you're on Verizon and haven't had a new phone in a while, I recommend shelling out the $350 this bad boy will cost you. It is totally sweet.

Incidentally after I found this out yesterday, I decided to do some nosing to see if I could find out what Cingular's plans are for their latest in greatest, you know, to see if they had anything in the works. Well I found out, but apparently I had predicted correctly; Cingular is releasing YET ANOTHER FUCKING RAZR. This one has iTunes and a 1.2 Mega-pixel camera. Whoop-dee-fucking-do. Thanks Cingular, but if I bought that phone I think the technology would actually be older than on my Nokia from 2004. Here's a thought - STOP SUCKING!

My new prediction? The phone Cingular releases next is going to be a RAZR that has iTunes, a 1.2 MP camera, and some retarded, useless, celebrity backing - Bono I'm looking your way. Folks, be on the lookout for the newest RAZR featuring U2. It'll cost an extra $50, but it will come with a bunch of shitty U2 songs on which Bono whines about poverty. The wall paper will be the Irish singer standing in front of his private jet in back of his giant mansion, holding an Ethiopian baby.
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