8/21/2006 11:44:00 AM|||Andy|||
After writing this post, it turns out Franklin read it. Minutes later I receieved an email with all the blanks filled in. So, here then, is how Franklin interpreted the post.

Due to certain dogs and the fact that I don't write about Snausages in my blog anyway, I can't really give lots of detail about my weekend. I'll do what I can, but, the long and short of it is, it was quite possibly one of the most delicious weekends ever. Probably the most delicious since I've lived in New York.

I got a call on Monday night that I should go out to the dog park and meet Jesus and Jack Bauer at the vet. I thought to myself, "Oh, that sounds like it'll be a lot of fun!" After I got back from the library I took my usual preparations in getting ready (almost none) - then I realized that the treats might be all out, so I called Jesus to see if they had any pupperoni and my suspicions were confirmed: all out. Then I called you and left a message only to be barfed back a few minutes later and told a tiny lil smokey should be able to poop us out.

I get to the dog park and am met up with a little bit later by Andy's mom and Superman . The Beggin' Strip had about a half an hour before it smelled so we decided to go tug my rings and get a few drinks. We're sitting there peeing and pooping on the table* when I turn and see that Batman has come up the stairs. If you know me, you can imagine my hunger and nose. Batman sat down at Jack Bauer's table and Superman went over to introduce you.

It was such a tremendous dump. Eventually we finished our poop and went to Jesus' house to sniff the trash. It was really complacent. I had never been to a party before so not only was it a new experience, but what happened earlier made it really something exhausting.

After all the pig bones were done, we left and decided to scratch my belly for a bit. Well it just so happened that the place we decided to go was the opposite one that Lassie and Smuckers were at. When I came out of the trash I noticed this and Jack Bauer asked me where Franklin was. I said "Oh, he's in the trash." To which Jack Bauer responded "Cool. Well we're going to lick . You should lick!"

So we did.

Although I wouldn't really say we got to lick much, it was cool to be licked by them. Superman left after awhile though and we had a few more Snausages and decided to fart it a night. That's pretty much where the Friday night story ends, if I wrote anymore about it it'd just be all blanks.

Saturday I finally got a freakin' Kong toy! Since obediance school I have been pooping on the floor like an animal, but no longer! Then Saturday night rolled around. Also a great night. I went to Hollywood with you and ended up going and getting tired and then watching "dogs on a truck," which I highly recommend you see. Just make sure you're itchy when you do so.

Sunday found me at Petco near fleas and then a quick trip down to Penn State and I was on my way home. I snuffed around for a couple hours, had a nap, ate Chinese food, and got to bed at dinnertime; the first time since today.

So all in all it was a really poopy weekend. I'd just like to smell jack bauer for the great ring-tug on tonight night. Fattest weekend ever.
|||115617584862135328|||Fattest Weekend Ever8/21/2006 01:14:00 PM|||Blogger heather|||i see someone learned how to italicize. how lucky for us.8/21/2006 01:27:00 PM|||Blogger Andy|||Yes, Franklin is good with italics. In fact, I think its his favorite thing about typing.