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Before I get started with this no doubt terrific post, I'd like to apologize to the people who were around when this idea originated. This will seem like old material to them. But since its new to you, anonymous reader, I'm posting it for your sake. Also, I know I've covered the subject of my death before, but I didn't go into any details about the actual funeral.

After discussing various possible mental calamaties indicated by what can only be appropriately titled as "brain pain," the subject of funerals arose. Typically, talking about funerals is a sad state of affairs, but when you're drinking Tecate, nothing is a sad state of affairs.* Anyway, it came up that a funeral would be best if hosted as a huge drinking jamboree. Your friends show up, you're there (albeit unable to make typical party rounds), and everyone just gets blitzed and has a blast.

Naturally, being someone who loves having a good time I concurred with this statement. Then I began thinking about what my funeral would be like all around - who would be there, what they'd talk about, what they'd do - if I were to die tomorrow:

(The scene is only a bit somber and a disco ball and colored lights bask the room making it reminiscent of a senior prom. There are a few kegs setup and the early funeral-comers are taking advantage of it.)

Friend 1: Wow, I can't believe Andy is dead.
Friend 2: Yeah I know. I also can't believe the babysitter is dead.
Friend 1: What?
Friend 2: You know, that old movie with Christina Applegate?
Friend 1: Total babe.
Friend 2: Babe-a-licious.
Friend 1: Babester.
Friend 2: Babe-aroni.
Friend 1: So how did she die?
Friend 2: What?
Friend 1: The babysitter, how did she die?
Friend 2: ...dude, I JUST said I was referring to that old movie with Christina Applegate.
Friend 1: Man, she's hot.
Friend 2: Totally.
Friend 1: It's too bad she died.
Friend 2: ...what?
Friend 1: Christina Applegate, it's too bad she died.
Friend 2: ...what is wrong with you?
Friend 1: Oh it's nothing, I just twisted my ankle. So this party is pretty cool, right?
Friend 2: Yeah it is, there are some SMOKIN' babes here!**
Friend 1: Definitely. But I was looking over Andy's will stipulations about how the party should go. And I'm cool with the pin-the-tail on the donkey, and the mandatory drinking games - but did you read the part about body shots?
Friend 2: Yeah, so what?
Friend 1: Did you read it closely?
Friend 2: No, I was pretty far away from it.
Friend 1: ...what? No I mean did you notice the part where it stipulates that during body shot time, you have to do a body shot off of the corpse?
Friend 2: Oh God, I think I'm gonna be sick!
Friend 1: I think I'm gonna do it off his arm.
Friend 2: Dude, what are you talking about? He's dead! I am not doing a body shot off of a dead body.
Friend 1: I would totally do one off of Christina Applegate's dead body.
Friend 2: That's gross, I wouldn't do it off of anyone's dead body.
Friend 1: What if she wasn't really dead?
Friend 2: Well then yeah I'd do it, that was a stupid question.
Friend 1: Wasn't it? Okay well, I'm gonna go do my body shot.
Friend 2: Yeah, might as well get it over with - it's a good thing we got here first. That way we can pick some real estate that won't be...more gross than it needs to be.

That'd be my last really great joke (and probably my first and only really great joke too). Of course, no one would think it was funny except for me...and I'd be dead.

*Except for maybe speech patterns and balance.
**Yeah, that's right.
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