8/21/2006 09:38:00 AM|||Andy|||
Due to certain _______ and the fact that I don't write about _______ in my blog anyway, I can't really give lots of detail about my weekend. I'll do what I can, but, the long and short of it is, it was quite possibly one of the ________ weekends ______. Probably the _______ since I've lived in New York.

I got a call on _______ night that I should go out to _______ and meet _______ and _______ at ________. I thought to myself, "Oh, that sounds like it'll be a lot of fun!" After I got back from the _______ I took my usual preparations in getting ready (almost none) - then I realized that the _______ might be ______ out, so I called _____ to see if they had any _______ and my suspicions were confirmed: ______ out. Then I called _______ and left a message only to be _____ back a few minutes later and told a ______ ___ ______ should be able to ________ us out.

I get to the _______ and am met up with a little bit later by _______ and _______ . The _______ had about a half an hour before it _______ so we decided to go ________ and get a few drinks. We're sitting there ______ing and _____ing on the table* when I turn and see that _______ has come up the ______. If you know me, you can imagine my ______ and _______. _________ sat down at ______'s table and _______ went over to introduce _____.

It was such a tremendous ______. Eventually we finished our ______ and went _______ to _______ the _______. It was really ______. I had never been to a ______ _____ before so not only was it a new experience, but what happened earlier made it really something _______.

After all the _______ were done, we left and decided to _______ for a bit. Well it just so happened that the place we decided to go was the ______ one that _______ and _______ were at. When I came out of the ______ I noticed this and _______ asked me where ______ was. I said "Oh ______ in the _______." To which ________ responded "Cool. Well we're going to ______. You should ______."

So we did.

Although I wouldn't really say we got to ________ much, it was cool to be _________ by them. _________ left after awhile though and we had a few more ______ and decided to ______ it a night. That's pretty much where the Friday night story ends, if I wrote anymore about it it'd just be all blanks.

Saturday I finally got a freakin' _____! Since _______ I have been _____ing on the floor like an animal, but no longer! Then Saturday night rolled around. Also a great night. I went to _______ with ________ and ended up going and getting _______ and then watching "______ on a _______," which I highly recommend you see. Just make sure you're ______ when you do so.

Sunday found ___ at ______ near ______ and then a quick trip down to ______ and I was on my way home. I ________ed for a couple hours, had a nap, ate Chinese food, and got to bed at ______; the first time since ______.

So all in all it was a really ______ weekend. I'd just like to _______ ________ for the great ______ on ______ night. _____ weekend ____ .

*yeah that's right.
|||115616927893268945|||____ Weekend ____