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Today I was perusing through the blogs I usually peruse and something struck me. As I was reading I realized there is always a stark contrast between their blogs and mine: a point. Typically when I start writing something it's because I think of something funny and then I just randomly through something together and it ends up being nonsensical, ridiculous, and pointless. Today I'm going to try to take this to an extreme as I write the longest run-on sentence known to man using word association and see where I end up.


I started reading Spinachdip's guest blog this morning on blog soup and then realized that there's seldom a point to what I write always comes out a little ridiculous because I'll start off with a good idea about the lightbulb is probably one of the best, and most inspirational due to the amount of failures in life to me are people that don't really follow their dream about a hamburger eating him is one of the greatest lines in Seinfeld which my friend Erik and I call the golden standard jazz tunes are just not written by anyone anymore and I'm not sure its for lack of trying or just beacause standards are going to be altogether drawn from different sources of light coming from what they call a "light-box" can actually help cure SAD and now there is a cell phone that has a 3.2 megapixel camera is all I really want and stupid Cingular is really pissing me off because I've been waiting and waiting for my most recent commission check but (client not to be named) hasn't paid yet even though they said they sent the check out last week was great but this weekend I really felt the need to get out of the city and into some greener surroundings because as all New Yorkers know you just start to feel cooped up like a chicken in an egg under an incubation lamp in my room doesn't have a shade over it which makes the room heat up by a noticeable amount of Penn State graduates in the United States is something like one in six hundred more dollars and I am well on my way to buying a sweet new TV which I probably won't end up getting because I won't be able to decide what to do with my life even though I think I know a basic direction its hard to pursue a specific direction because there's so much cool stuff out there I'd like to have but then I realize it won't make me happy about going home this weekend and may even get to see the very first Penn State game of the season even though it's supposed to rain doesn't really bother me that much but it gets old after a few days of consistent practicing I think I've finally gotten some of my chops back and now I'm excited because I'm gonna get a (temporarily removed section) going on in New York each week and writing reviews of Franklin Talk are few and far between each episode has been a much longer period of time is going so fast these days I'm really just not able to believe that I might actually get a job and move to Italy within the next year I'd really like to improve my piano playing skill at Ultimate certainly isn't unsurpassed but I consider myself fairly good at pretty much anything having to do with art though I'm not really particularly honed in any specific skill other than trombone playing is one of the most satisfying things I do or have done and I miss being in a situation where I'm able to play Ultimate when I finally get my shoulder looked at and I'll most likely need surgery scares me a little bit but honestly the rehabilitation of my shoulder will be the hardest part of something really musically fulfilling all my goals will be tough but fair enough is enough.


Huh, interesting.
|||115712588432007802|||The longest run-on of all time.9/13/2006 12:30:00 AM|||Blogger Malatron|||hmm...found your blog thru clickin around blogrolls, or comments, or maybe a link. I forget, it was so back there. But no matter, I'm all reading it, and low and behold, you mention my blog. it's always kinda weird to see your name in a place you never expected.

BTW, Suki IS a famous blogger. When I went to the VMA after party with him, everybody was all.."Suki! Suki!"

It was cool.