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The first blog to say goodbye that I really enjoyed was intern Andy's. Then The Daily Dump called it quits. Next thing you know, Spinach Dip peaces out. Now the lovely Monkey Pants is claiming to have had her fill (for at least the time being). And while these blogs represent the institution of blogging to many, well, I'm glad to see them go.

I know what a lot of you are thinking "But Andy, I really enjoyed reading those other blogs and I thought you liked them too. Why would you want them to go?" The reason, my friends, is this: My blog is terrible and ridiculous. I can't be expected to compete with consistently funny humor the likes of Intern Andy's or The Daily Dump's. My writing is at the very best sub-par compared to Spinach Dip's, and let's just say if I blogged about my personal life like Monkey Pants...well, there would be a lot of blogs with simply a date, a time, and a list of things in my refrigerator.

You see folks, it's all about standing out in a crowd. And when the crowd leaves, then it's just all about standing. I'd like to send a big thanks to the bloggers who have quit and would like to encourage all others to follow in their footsteps. It's kind of like I've gone from being USA to being TBS. Instead of tuning in every now and then, people are going to start dropping by on a regular basis- still not really expecting anything great (nor should they, because they won't get it), but still looking for something better to do than just sit and stare.

I pledge to you all that I won't leave you stranded. I'll continue to write mindless humor, poor music reviews, and shabby observations. I'll always be here to be your TBS, MTV, and heck, maybe even someday NBC. Just because I can't write, doesn't mean I'm not determined.
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Now, while you're packing your meager possessions into a filthy old Adidas duffel bag, I have to go write gay things in my gay, gay blog.