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Well as many two of you may know, my phone was lost, tragically, this past weekend. Friday night came around and the Fat Vampire found himself in Williamsburg1 for a Halloween party and...well, due to the fact that the only pants option for a Fat Vampire is sweat-pants, my phone went kerplunk into the back of a cab and sped off and away from the Lower East Side never to be found again.

As many of you know, this, in some ways, was devasting. Not because I lost all my numbers (thanks Bluetooth!) and not because the phone was any good (circa 2003), but because I wasn't ready to buy a new one yet.

My readership knows I've been patiently waiting since...well, since time began, for Cingular to get off the bench, step up to the plate, and bowl a strike. Well, they still haven't. Apparently there's some cool stuff on the horizon, but I was planning to wait until after Christmas.

However, since my phone recovery proved fruitless I was forced to get a new phone. I know what you're all thinking: "Man, this guy is an idiot. I am wasting a good 3 minutes by reading this trash. Why do I do this to myself...ugh. Maybe one of these links on the side is better. Let's see here...Superbee's Philosophy *click* Oh God. Just when I thought blogs couldn't get any worse! QUICK! Send me back to mediocrity paradise! Shew. Anyway...where was I..."

Now I couldn't just get some crapo-phone feature on Cingular and waste my "upgrade status." And I didn't want to buy the super-awesome phone I wanted because, well, it's about $500 and I have a nice digital camera anyway. So I went on Ebay, found something suitable I can resell in a few months (if I need to), and got it for about $80 less than I thought I'd have to pay.

Enter: The Samsung SGH X820. An astounding 6.9 mm thin, this thing kicks the RAZR's ass and leaves the SLVR lying in a pool consisting of its own vomit, urine...and...oh, I dunno, mucas. My only complaint is that it doesn't sync with iSync on a Mac - eh, whatever. The bluetooth works with everything else on my laptop so I don't really have any complaints.

So to all of you who have ever thought about calling me but were using the fact that I recently lost my phone as an excuse, welcome back to non-excuse land. Where action is king. King of Spills.

1This is a whole other post I'm working on.

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|||475886643416087459|||At Last11/03/2006 09:22:00 AM|||Blogger dmbmeg|||Nerd alert!11/03/2006 07:14:00 PM|||Blogger JB|||As a proud owner of a samsung phone i welcome you to the community of phones that are "pretty sweet". Not awesome, but pretty sweet.