11/22/2006 06:42:00 PM|||Andy|||
Thanksgiving has always been a great time of year for me.1 The family gets together, friends come back home, and a general good time is had by all. Aside from the occassional boredom that sets in due to State College being a holiday ghost-town, I typically have a blast.

This year will only be slightly different as my only good friend to be cool enough to come back to town is Erik.2 Yes I'll be drinking $2 drinks in uncrowded, smoke-filled bars, populated by townies come home to devour turkey and hangout with each other; one of the few times of the year the crews get back together to see how everyone is doing and say hello to the people from high school they never really talked to and then walk away saying "that guy is pretty cool afterall."

I also have a huge reason to be thankful this year. My apartment search yielded a cool apartment containing some cool roommates in a cool area of town for a cool amount of money...is it just me or is it getting chilly in here?

Yes, my roach-infested kitchen and rain-soaked room heed way to a waterproof apartment and pest-free cookery. It'll also be nice that my euro-trash afflicted-I'm-cool-with-it-so-you-should-be-cool-with-it overly-sensitive passive-agressive pot-smoking non-dish-drainer-emptying hippy-roommate will not only no longer annoy me, but she's moving to Japan to boot!3 And her lame, easily-confused over-protective possibly-female over-every-night boyfriend won't be around anymore either4. So a shoutout thanks to the new roommies (who could possibly be reading this right now if they googled me during the roommate search process), you've already improved my life.

So I hope that all of you have a great Thanksgiving too. Go home and get stuffed on stuffing and other Thanksgiving foodstuffs. Take your triptifan-induced naps and burn your eyes out with hours of football all the while enjoying "pass the gravy" and "nice to see you agains" and the "remember when..."'s and all the other great things that come along with killing an overweight bird, cramming celery and stale bread up its ass and toasting to the year's successes. Happy Thanksgiving to one and all.

1Stuff it Jader!
2Stuff it Nolan, Gavin, JB, and Franklin!
3Stuff it old roommate and stuff it Japan! (oooh! The double-stuff!)
4Stuff it, jerk!


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