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We all love MySpace. Well, all of us with the exception of maybe the guys who invented Facebook and Friendster. They probably don't love them. Though I wonder if they have accounts on them? I bet they do. What a bunch of jerks.

At any rate this post isn't meant to be focused on MySpace, but rather a certain aspect of the advertising on it. I'm sure if you've ever logged on you've seen ads for a dating service which I think is called True - though typically I'm distracted from any actual information on the ad and you'll see why in a moment.

It's an internet dating service and the ads always have the most smokin-hot girls in them in the most suggestive poses and I must say, I always look at it whenever it pops up. Here's an example of such an ad:


All I have to say to this is: Yeah right. I'm not sure if any of you have ever peeped an online dating service before but I will tell you this - there are as many girls who use online dating that look like this, as there are blog posts about tiny skateboarding monkeys. If you want to see what they really look like, well, go to a bar and find the girls who aren't getting hit on. Because I can garauntee you, the chick in the above ad will never have to go online to find some dude to hit on her(pending some horrible accident).

I feel bad for all the nerds on MySpace, or all the douchebags whose pictures are of their super-ripped ads, who click on this link and expect to find really hot chicks. Actually, I don't feel sorry for the douchebags. I hope they get hit by trucks mostly. But those poor nerds. They click on the link thinking maybe they have a shot at a really hot girl for once, and they're totally mislead.

Then, as I was refreshing my screen to get more shots of equally hot girls for the True service, ANOTHER dating service popped up - you're gonna love this: Hot Enough.org is a site that actually screens members and only allows really attractive people into their dating service. Oh man, I couldn't think of a worse idea.

Do you know how many people qualify themselves as hot? It's ridiculous. I have heard some ladies talk about their friends and say "yeah, she's beautiful" and I'll just scowl silently, take a step behind the girl, and shake my head at the poor sap she's suckering in to an ill-fated set-up.

The moral of the story is, don't fall for any of it. If you want to find a date, do it like the rest of us: go to a bar, get drunk, and settle. Because it's still better than anyone you'll find on Match.com.

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|||4739162826073142705|||You poor, poor nerds.11/01/2006 02:44:00 PM|||Blogger MonkeyPants|||Yowch.11/01/2006 02:45:00 PM|||Blogger SuperBee|||Sounds like someone is hinting that he wants a tear-stained and snot-bubbling therapy session about how no one is sending winks to his True.Com profile.

Sounds like SOMEONE got jilted, and needs to work through some "feelings."

Take it somewhere else, weenie. I want to read about Jesus and pie here.11/01/2006 07:32:00 PM|||Anonymous Anonymous|||Oooh.. settling.

Wouldn't you rather date a nerd who talks much and knows more about rotating media than you do?11/01/2006 08:34:00 PM|||Blogger Andy|||MP - Yowch what? This isn't supposed to sound bitter...I guess it did.

SB - You know me. Love those online dating services.

Anon - Nice try Leslie.